North Avon Driving Instructors Association
North Avon Driving Instructors Association

What is NADIA?

What is NADIA? NADIA is a local association of ADIs and PDIs averaging around 40 members. We are a not-for-profit organisation, run by local ADIs for local ADIs & PDIs.  We provide support and information to members.  Being an ADI can be a lonely experience and sometimes it's good to talk to fellow instructors about that problematic pupil, gain advice on instructional techniques or just vent some steam to a sympathetic ear!


What happens at meetings? Meetings are informal, but we do run to an agenda. We get through normal business in around 30 minutes or less, leaving plenty of time for our visiting speaker.

There are free refreshments available and we hold a fun raffle at most meetings. It is an ideal opportunity to catch up with, and meet fellow instructors.


Who are the visiting speakers? We invite people to speak on issues related to road safety. There are regular talks by representatives from DVSA. Recently, we have had people from the ADI Federation and Avon & Somer-set Speed Camera Enforcement Unit, John Brown spoke about Learners with Specific Needs.

Other recent topics include: Drugs and Driving, Understanding the new Driving Test, Diversity for ADIs, Parkinsons Disease, Sleep Apnoea and Advanced Driving.

For the coming year we have already lined up speakers on Smart Motorways, IAM RoadSmart, Electric Vehicles and a visit from DVSA.


What else does NADIA do? Since 1996 we have been running a course for 16 year-olds to help them prepare for the moment they go onto public roads. We have completed over 135 course so far. There are six courses every year, running concurrently with school terms. They include six theory sessions and six hours of in-car tui-tion on a private off-road site.

We also arrange training courses for members including: Standards Check; Coaching; First Aid; Thought Field Therapy.


What are the benefits of being a NADIA member? As a member, you will be an associate member of ADINJC and enjoy its benefits, e.g. PL & PI Insurance. You will receive all emails and Newsletters from the larger organisations like ADINJC, DIA, etc.

You will have the support of local ADIs to help out with those times when youre unable to do lessons/tests.

You can take part in the Under 17s Practical Training Sessions.

We regularly hold social events and you will find us a very friendly and welcoming group.


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